Frequent Questions. . .
What sets Acclaim apart from other transfer services?
-Acclaim Transfer has over 20 years experience in all areas of video
-All work is done "Custom", you have input in all aspects of the project
-All transfers are done in our own studio by creative video artists
-We use only "broadcast quality" film and video transfer equipment
-With Acclaim, you speak directly with the person doing your project
-We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our services
How does your quality compare to others?
Our studio is equiped with state-of-the-art video and film transfer
systems. Our custom built 8mm/16mm film transfer system uses a
3 ccd High Definition camera that captures each frame of film digitally
and transfers it directly to a computer. We then are able to improve
and correct the color, brightness and correct speed. Many online services
use only a single chip or non-HD capture system. We guarantee your
films and tapes will look better than you ever imagined they could.
Do I receive my films and tapes back after the transfer?
Yes, along with your final DVDs you will get your original films and tapes. We do not damage or alter them in any way (unless a tape needs repair).
Once your memories are transferred to a digital media, then it's up to
you whether you hold on to the original film and tape. It might be nice
to keep the films for nostalgia or to possibly show on an old projector
just for fun. Unless you have a closet full, it doesn't hurt to keep them!
Outstanding Quality!
Clean and inspect film to
remove loose dirt & lint.
Transfer using HD
frame capture system
with gentle, low heat
light source digitally & directly to computer.
Computer Edit using
professional software to
remove blank sections
and enhance the color,
brightness and speed.
Burn directly to DVD or
Blu-ray with custom
chapter points and menu